Cutting 2.0

Live-Interviews in HALL 12 Stand C70

LIGNA   I   Hannover   I   2017
Monday, 14.00 h

with Sam Travers,
Managing Director SALESTECH

„With our Cutting 2.0
technology unique
advantages can be offered
to our customers.“

Tool trading company


Best quality for the machine user

New technology and innovation

Tooling solutions to requirements

AKE as an innovation leader
always creates new incentives

As a specialized dealer SALESTECH is close to the customer and constantly expects highest quality and innovative tooling solutions – always adapted to the respective requirements of the user. AKE as an innovation leader is able to bring new technologies to the market in many fields. This keeps creating new incentives to choose AKE precision tools. 
HP Collet Chuck
- The high-performance alternative
• Eliminates the disadvantages
of conventional clamping systems
• 50 % improved
run-out accuracy
• Suitable for high speeds
up to 24,000 rpm
• No additional costs when
standard collet chucks
are applied
Tuesday, 14.00 h

with Florian Landwehr,
Production Manager Prefabrication

„AKE not only fulfilled
the requirements,
but significantly
exceeded them!“

Manufacturer of office furniture


First-class machining results

Fine dusts are avoided

Relief of the dust extraction

Higher feed rate and an
increased tool life

For FM as manufacturer of high-quality office furniture it is extremely important that their products are cleanly processed and that unnecessary fine dusts and chips are avoided. The intelligent chip removal of the Z3 cutter improves the efficiency of the dust extraction. On top of that a higher feed rate and an increased tool life were achieved. 
DP shank cutter
Z3 Cutting 2.0

• Great material diversity
• Extremely long service life
• Targeted chip removal
• No multiple cutting
Wednesday, 14.00 h

with Marco Campana,
SELCO Brand Product Manager

„With AKE our
customer´s benefits are
maximum quality and
extreme tool life!”

Manufacturer of machines


Perfect tools for their machines

High demand for
excellent performance

Long tool life

Worldwide service network

Being a manufacturer of high-quality machines BIESSE expects the use of tools that meet the customers’ performance demands and the productivity of its machines. With the panel sizing saw blade 2.0 AKE as manufacturer grants its customers an outstanding performance, long tool life and convinces with a dense local service network. 
Panel sizing saw blade 2.0
• Increase of tool life by up to 70%
• Universal & quiet
• Up to 35% lower total costs
• Best finish cut quality
Thursday, 14.00 h

with Gabor Maczko,
Product Engineering Leader

„The appropriate
selection of tools
is one of the keys
to success.“

Furniture manufacturer


High demands on flexibility

as well as service- & reaction times.

Reduction of downtimes

Optimization of
production processes

IKEA Industry places especially high demands on its suppliers and service partners with regard to flexibility as well as service- and reaction times. AKE is able to react to changes in a fast and targeted way. Thus AKE grants a continuous optimization of production processes and a reduction of downtimes. 
DP Jointing Cutter 2.0
• No tearing with transverse edge banding
• Extremely economical with long tool life
• Precise and efficient, little reworking
Friday, 11.00 h

Klaus Schühle,
Technical Headteacher

„The principle of
cutting 2.0 has changed
our teaching content

Vocational school


Teaching latest technology

Hearing background knowledge

Cooperation with manufacturer

Imparting the advantages of
Cutting 2.0 for professional life

In over 50 years industry and craft have been taking advantage of the high quality and precision of AKE tools. Ever since the LIGNA 2013 in Hanover and the Holz-Handwerk exhibition 2014 in Nuremburg even vocational schools and teachers take an increased interest in the new technology of Cutting 2.0, as it questions all previous teaching contents and provides unique advantages in the subsequent professional life.

• Brilliant cutting result
• Extremely economical
• 75% quieter
• Universal: Processing of wood
and wood-based materials



Shank cutter Z3 Cutting 2.0

Panel sizing saw blade 2.0